Pre-practical questions at the Raffles Museum (then ZRC), 1998

This is the practical where I was finally forced to adopt stations, as enrolment went up in the life sciences in NUS, even as the biodiversity group battled for survival.

The only way to cope on the crammed space was to create stations, and this would come in useful with NSS Guide training and the Chek Jawa public education walks in 2001.

I asked TAs to contribute questions (Station 4 is missing) based on their delivery and edited a compilation for a student handout before the practical which was conducted in the collection area, such a luxury.

We each repeated ourselves at our stations more than 10times. I was at Station 1 (only one with a clear grasp of the history) and it was tiring but mostly enjoyable. I recall a famous group which sucked the life out of me, though. They had some deadly group chemistry and the TAs shared notes later – everyone suffered.

We had not learnt of dementors as yet, nor of patronus’.

Pre-practical questions have to be revived, for sure.
Scanned with TurboScan.


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