Pet Lover’s Foundation Dry Food Donation Drive in aid of cats and dogs, 14-30 Dec 2012

Friends posting the Dry Food Donation Drive flyer on Facebook had me look out for this when I visited Pet Lovers Centre at Holland Village just now. I was there to pick up dry food for my three cats and looked for the poster. I need’t have as counter staff were alert and helpful, had all the details and the transactions were completed in seconds.

I thought this co-sponsorship is pretty neat. The animal welfare groups receive their preferred feeds and delivery is settled.


From the PLC webpage: Pet Lovers Foundation is celebrating Christmas through its fifth Dry Food Donation Drive from 14 – 30 December 2012 in benefit of cats and dogs with Animal Lovers League (ALL), Action for Singapore Dogs (ASD) and Cat Welfare Society (CWS). The CWS donations are directed to cats at Metta Cats, Lily Low Shelter and OrphanCats.

Altogether 6,664.50 kg of dry food was donated last year and the target this year is 8,000 kg of dry food. The purchase of dry food you make is co-sponsored and donated to the care of stray and abandoned animals.

Make the purchase at any Pet Lovers Centre stores or call 1800-PETFOOD (1800-7383663).

For more information, see the PLC webpage,


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