Flickr Pro subscribers – three free months of subscription

I dropped in at my Flickr account to be greeted by this:

Flickr Holiday Gift

Nice, thanks Yahoo!

Flickr was great with high-res photo uploads, albums, keywords, finding archival material quickly, sharing and for searching Creative Commons photos by other users for my lectures and for others to find my material.

While Picasa (now with Google) might be comparable, or even better for some, I had switched to Flickr in 2007 as primary cloud storage for photos after it eased my workflow for coastal cleanup albums. I have two Pro accounts, my personal account and the Habitatnews account for the International Coastal Cleanup Singapore and Raffles Museum Toddycats events and activities.

These days, photos for this blog are hosted on my Flickr account via Skitch 1.0.12. I use this old version of Skitch for screen grabs, annotations and copy-paste transfers from original photos, and the shared photo is uploaded to Flickr. The Flickr page appears automatically, and provides the html for 500-pixel width photos making the process relatively quick.

While Facebook is great for casual sharing, it is not an alternative for it is primarily geared to be ephemeral. Many have been a little nervous about Flickr’s plodding pace especially and have a mile-long wish list – if the service decays, we’d all have to shift our photos, no easy task. So we greeted with great relief Flickr’s recent iPhone App, a long-awaited sign of life .

Hopefully this three-month subscription gift is another.

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