Some search engines have switched to “Google Custom Search”, yaay!

In January this year, I lamented about the existence of “Enhanced Singapore Government Online Search” on sites. I wrote in and an unnamed MICA Webmaster asked for examples on 30 Jan 2012, which I provided. An acknowledgement about taking it up with IDA, then silence.

This search engine sucks! Instead of IDA’s “Enhanced Singapore Government Online Search”, just google. « Otterman speaks…

Happily, while searching a webpage today, I realised they were using Google Custom Search. A check with a few other sites indicated the switch too – LTA, SPF, MOH and NParks:

National Parks Board - search engine

Google Custom Search

The public will enjoy the change and I am sure glad this was fixed!

Happy New Year everyone!

Update: a little bird said, “they dumped the stupid project [Enhanced Singapore Government Online Search] and asked agencies to go find their own search engine. Most went with google custom, which is a fraction of the cost and actually works.”

This explains NHB and MEWR’s non-IDA, non-Google search engine. Glad this happened at least.


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