First day back in campus, rescued by an iMac

My first day back on campus after the break and my Mac Book Pro screen failed on me. With urgent student queries to respond to, I cleared my books on my right side to uncover a dust-laden iMac, acquired from another department a couple of years ago when they tossed out old machines.

Running on OSX10.4 Tiger and just 1GB of RAM, it was enough to see me through the morning’s emails.

Isn’t she lovely?


I am able to use my lovely old Apple Extended keyboard with the help of an ABD-USB converter. I first used this keyboard type in the 1990 and find it superior to any other keyboard I’ve used.

All was well until the network choked on me. It was probably undergrads back in campus devouring the network, like they were the food in the canteens.

That’s right, always blame the students.

Welcome back to campus!


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