Rail Corridor? Very muddy!

“What’s the Rail Corridor like these days?”

I replied, “Very muddy!”

After the monsoon, it’s a quagmire in some spots. Lots of bicycle tracks through it all so I slipped and slid and put my foot down into the sploshy mud!

It was lovely and I can’t wait to go again!

I was running an errand and this is an amazingly quick, safe way to Bukit Timah.

Muddy bicycle GT Avalanche 1.0

Cycling Activity 18.29 km | RunKeeper

I took the road route back to dry out the mud, so that I wouldn’t be dripping all over the floor back home. Then I got into the shower with a scrub brush to wash the bike down before bathing myself.

The good thing about a tiny shower area is the bike gets wedged against the walls easily.

Shower with your bike!

Very little space, right? Manipulating the bicycle inside that small space simply highlights the freedom of the ride.

Place like the Rail Corridor are such a treasure – they provide us with a sense of space in itsy-bitsy Singapore.

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