Cycling in KL with OCBC Cycle Malaysia!

I’m heading to KL this morning with fellow Zendog Kevin Lim, at the invitation of OCBC Singapore to ride The Challenge in OCBC Cycle Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur. I used to know these streets well, in the 90’s and will be glad to revisit on a bicycle!

It is the second time the event has been held there, and with the mayor’s support, streets are closed long enough for us to get great view of the city.

OCBC CYcle Malaysia: The Challenge

We will bus up in the morning and the deluge that has unleashed will mean the bicycles will be well washed! So I better bring lube and a cloth to prevent creaky chains.

We’ll be in KL by 2pm after a lunch stop and will be looking forward to watch The Criterium, where pros will whizz away on 1.7km circuit.

Registration for next year is already open, and I’d love to make this an annual pilgrimage to rub shoulders with Malaysians discovering the joy of cycling on open roads!


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