Fixing missing Skitch images

When Evernote took over Skitch, they nuked our private images – even if used in blog posts. So I will be seeing missing images in my 10 blogs. This means looking for relevant images in the local drives of any of the macs from which I uploaded Skitch images with whilst blogging. Bah!

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This has been fixed

Once I find the image, I use Skitch 1.0.12 to open it and share on Flickr, then grab the html to reinsert in the blog post. I use MarsEdit for my blog so its not too painful.

I’m not the only upset user – TUAW took Skitch to task. A Skitch founder eventually expressed remorse for trashing legacy users who had ingrained its use in their workflows. And it was promised that Skitch 2.0 would attract legacy users back.

What would have best for users was to leave a good thing alone, we’d easily have paid. But this is the problem about embracing any beta tool for some long running project. If successful and developers move on, you could be left with just a sinking feeling.

Flickr, on the other hand, has been criticised for lack of innovation. But we know this tool well and it might just outlast others to be the lasting repository for images! I’ve paid up for Flickr Pro for many years now and have been happy.

Posterous saw a similar tale. Posterous sold out to Twitter and late last year, seemed to be going to seed.

Alrighty, on that note, I’d better migrate Zendogs 2 to WordPress. Thankfully with an import tool, this should be easy. Watch out for