Dengue cases exceed 2010-2012 peak: take precautions!

Checking for Dengue clusters in Singapore is a routine exercise when semester begins. As we begin to take students to the field, this is one of the many thing we have to check. Urban areas pose a higher threat than normal during outbreaks while the forest is relatively safe!

We replenish insect repellent stocks and warn students if need be. It’s part of urban living in Singapore, but when dengue case numbers begin to rise, its important to re-emphasise precautions.

Right now, the number of cases reported on the Singapore government’s Dengue Webpage at is higher than it has ever been since 2010. So its time to pay extra attention once again.

iPhone app Denguelah is one of my essential field trip apps. It has a handy map and location data from NEA and you can set alerts for areas you frequent and your immediate vicinity.

My alerts are set for areas we need to bypass on the way to the field – including NUS. If you have used Weatherlah, its much the same. But I still check as well. With a smart phone, all this is very easy to do now.

My research students should know all of this but I’ll check that they are alert. It’d be hell for them to be writing their thesis whilst having dengue!