Cat on my stomach (lucky it’s ample)

I like the way Mr Bats drops in on my stomach for a pre-dinner chat. Thankfully it’s ample so it’s like sitting on a cushion. Despite the need to hammer the keyboard, I embrace the moment.

Mr Bats was born in Dec 2003 (estim.) so he’s nine years old now. He originates from Geylang Bahru and escaped the hysterical roundup and killing of cats during SARS thanks to Cat Welfare Society.

He’s the most emotional cat of the three boys and likes to snuggle up the most, so I can’t be overseas too long at any one time without worrying about him. What a dog!

Durian at Pulau Ubin, yum-yum!

A couple of Sundays ago, I found myself eating durians during a ride at Pulau Ubin.

Zendogs were on a ride to welcome Leong Wai back on her brief visit to Singapore. It was a nice addition to the day which had three makan sessions for Wai to sample a diversity of local fare.

I can’t say I am a hardcore durian fan, unlike Ladybug who once forced her Pedal Ubin ride participants to follow her on a hunt in the bush for durian fruit. Bit the fruit does impress me, especialy the slightly bitter ones. And any fruit we pick off the ground is especially lovely!

Ladybug wasn’t on this ride so this photo is for her to see, yum-yum!

2013-01-13 11.35.28

Thanks to Kai Meng for finding the fruit, opening it with the new Alien tool Alvin gave me, and Kenneth Pinto for the photos!

Photos from the ride: