Happy thoughts! Otterman’s Holt says “Happy Teacher’s Day”

There is so much angst on Facebook and everywhere because of the population white paper, I decided I needed some “Happy Thoughts”!

So I will post photos and a quick byline on this blog for some calm amidst the storm. And it won’t simply be my cats who have filled that role in the past prominently.

Let me begin with my research students who waylaid me on Teacher’s Day last year. It was a pretty sweet surprise – I didn’t discover the truth until I rushed down, so I was truly surprised for once, which is pretty neat.

Otterman Holt, Happy Teacher's Day
Most, but not all, of my students

I call us Otterman’s Holt (they have their own secret name) and these students pursue research with civets, leopard cats, small mammals, bats and otters in Singapore.

It’s not easy and outcomes are never assured, there are struggles with admin and equipment, but they rather beat the untrodden path and make some contribution, doing something they love.

That’s pretty cool, I think.

On Teacher’s Day last year, we cut a cake munched on lunch and then, we sat around, chatting – a rare treat indeed.


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