Reminiscing OCBC Cycle Malaysia 2013

Stuck at home with an odd bug that wracked me with body aches and headaches this past week, I looked back at some cycling blog posts and videos.

Certainly cycling the 48km Challenge at OCBC Cycle Malaysia 2013 in January was a blast! I’m already signed up and am looking forward to that next year with a few more kakis.

Julian and Kevin put up some enjoyable videos – we are sure to revive these when public registration is open once again later this year.

Video by Julian Lim

Video by Kevin Lim
Notice fellow cyclists comment about his Surley Pugsley fat bike

My blog post at Cycling in Singapore
Read the listed blog posts by the Malaysians there too
Cycling in Singapore: Utter joy - cycling the streets of KL!


One thought on “Reminiscing OCBC Cycle Malaysia 2013

  1. H! Could you please contact me? I would like to seek your advice on what’s the best way to travel to KL with my bike for OCBC Cycle Msia 2014.

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