Cycle Ubin!

When I closed the Pedal Ubin series in 2009 after 12 years, I left behind a quick document called “Cycling in Ubin” with the last project manager of the series, Tan Kaixin.

For some reason these past few months, I have been receiving numerous requests to share the document on Google Drive. An incorrect editable document link must be circulating somewhere.

One person said the link popped up in her Google search but as that is customised to individuals these days, I can’t duplicate her search.

So I shrug and answer the emails every now and then, one by one, suggesting they visit, or

I’d like to work on a version 2 as there is much to add, but on the other hand, how much do people really need to know?

After all, my best moments on Pulau Ubin were exploring the island in the 80’s and 90’s, before I came to know the island well.


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