Thu 28 Mar 2013: 1pm @ NUS LT14 – “How much is that doggy in the window?”

NUS PEACE are a group of students from various faculties and schools in NUS who have come together to try to provide a voice for animals and educate fellow undergrads.

NUS PEACE members manage NUS Cat Cafe which is a programme to defuse conflict and manage campus cats through a Trap-Neuter-Release-Manage programme. In all of this, they work with NUS’ Office of Estate and Development.

For the past two academic years, I have been delighted to see NUS PEACE collaborate with various individuals and groups outside of campus to raise awareness and encourage empathy for animals.

They have received encouragement from various NGOs in the community and are learning in the best way possible, by getting things done.

This Thursday they address the issue of puppy mills, a subject many people are surprisingly unaware of. They will spread the message through a road show and a talk.

NUS PEACE & Humane Society (Singapore) will be holding a talk at LT 14 at 1.00pm and they will be manning a roadshow outside Central Library at benches CLB 2 and CLB3 from 10am to 6pm.

If you’re on campus, do bring a friend along to learn about the issue and get to meet the students.

NUS PEACE Puppy Mill t-shirts

NUS PEACE Puppy Mill badges

Tote Bags
NUS PEACE Puppy Mill Tote bag

For more details about the show and merchandise, visit the NUS PEACE page.


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