The MW5202 Science Communication class tackles the Raffles Museum’s Public Gallery

I decided to move the class away from blogs and other digital tools and instead focus on story-telling, the fundamental skill behind everything we do.

So I wangled keys to the 12-year old Raffles Museum’s Public Gallery on its very last night before its closure for good, and presented the class with a wonderful learning space.

The scenario they were presented with: to save the day for a bus load of visitors looking forward to a night at a museum. Unfortunately a sink hole had gobbles up that museum and the hopeful visitors were heading home, feeling miserable.

However, after some urgent calls between Museum Roundtable colleagues, I offered to activate my Science Communication class and have them put together a Raffles Museum tour!

Armed with nothing else than the labels on the specimens, the unfamiliar group of science communicators would google information and put together an interesting series of stories which they would stitch together meaningfully for an exhilarating tour!

The mission for the class was to ensure that the guide at each station would relay stories supported with questions for the audience, puzzles and jokes to engage the gawking public. Well that’s the plan.

Now to see what they come up with in half an hour!







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