Don’t just trash it, recycle!

Singapore ships the ashes of our trash to Pulau Semakau for disposal. That cost us plenty – coral reefs and mangroves were destroyed to make way for an ash heap.

Don't just trash stuff, recycle! Kelvin Lim

We certainly need to be making an effort to recycle our waste, reuse what we can and cut down on acquiring waste in the first place.

At Starbucks just now, the barista, who is also their Organiser for the International Coastal Cleanup Singapore, asked me where my tumbler was. I’ve not been carrying my bottles these past few weeks as I’ve only been drinking at shop premises.

But cold drinks are dispensed in plastic cups, so the reminder was a welcome one.

Don't just trash it, recycle! (Kelvin Lim)

These cartoons are part of a series drawn by Kelvin Lim of Raffles Museum for the first Semakau Workshop for Teachers I organised in 2000.

I must stitch this together with the rest of the drawings and pen a story. And then share this story with International Coastal Cleanup Singapore participants. We all need reminders to pursue an ethical lifestyle.

For my lunch kakis!


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