Blood donations! Amanda’s third and my 111st!

Yesterday, my blood-sucking former student Amanda Tan made good her pledge to return some blood by making her THIRD blood donation! I’m really proud of my blood kaki as she used to be fearful of needles.

That fear is not completely erased but lurking somewhere, for a trainee nurse saw her smiling face and yet reassured her that a fully trained nurse would attend to her donation!

When Amanda’s blood started flowing, the machine beeped so the nurse returned to hold her arm at an appropriate angle. This prevented an interrupted flow and took her eight minutes this time to complete her donation. The nurse said this was fine.

Our haemoglobin levels had changed from our last visit, but still high enough – they were 14.4 g/dL and 16.4 g/dl on 22 Dec 2012. Yesterday our levels were 13.6g/dl and 15.7g/dl.

Meanwhile Ladybug cut her finger (again) and once again realised it was a dark red instead of Bandung pink! She must be at at 13g/dl and eligible to donate once her work clears up.

And we’re also waiting for Civetgirl to recover and be rested for her donation. More blood parties soon!

A lovely friend is in hospital, and has lost lots of blood. I’m grateful for the blood she has received from strangers. They have been my inspiration since young.

Amanda is just starting but young and enthusiastic. She is reminding me of Cheng Puay’s Sec 4 girls who started donating at sweet 16!

This was blood donation number 111 for me. I’m happy to keep at this as long as I can.

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