Back to work, civetgirls!

After a euphoric two days at the Festival of Biodiversity last weekend, civet girls and volunteer Toddycats managers Xu Weiting and Fung Tze Kwan are back in the thick of work, reviewing camera trap data, teaching students in the special semester, planning for teaching in the next semester and putting research logistics together.

Civet on Pulau Ubin, camera trap from July 2013

Photos by Marcus Ng form the Festival of Biodiversity
203-festival of biodiversity-2013-vivocity-14-july-day2[Marcus Ng]

055-festival-of-biodiversity-2013-vivocity-13-july-day1[Marcus Ng]

340-festival of biodiversity-2013-vivocity-14-july-day2[Marcus Ng]


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