Recycling and next, Reduction!

Tanjong Pagar Town Council changed the recycling service available to their Buona Vista Division from July 2013 – Veolia has placed recycling bins at each block and are clearing them three times a week.

The previous arranged was a bi-monthly doorstep collection. Both methods took in a variety of unsorted recyclables.

With this method, you can see what people are disposing at recycling bins – and it seems this new method has been embraced enthusiastically. The prominent location of the bins certainly reminds everyone about putting in some effort to recycle.

Hopefully this will mean a greater proportion of our recyclable waste makes it to these bins.

Block 2, Holland Close

According to NEA’s Singapore Waste Statistics and Recycling Rate 2012, plastic recycling is at the bottom of the class – only 10% was recycled last year.

NEA Singapore Waste Statistics and Overall Recycling

While we work on plastic recycling, ultimately we have to also keep an eye on reduction – in 2012 we generated 1,370 kg of waste, up from 1,330 kg in 2011 .

Waste Statistics, 2011-2012
See Zero Waste SG for more.

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