Feet up!

It’s always interesting to explore new spaces in the forest despite the attendant scratches of legs and arms. It wouldn’t feel like an exploration otherwise! The sting only lasts hours and fades quickly.

Exhibit A is my well-scarred left shin.


But these days, infrequent activity means my joints get rattled so and this morning, my ankle bones were still crunchy and knee still sore so I took the wise option and messaged Darren to wish him well on his 170km ride – I would not be joining him!

For a short while, I put my feet up and read a book. How lovely, and civilised! Even Xylo the cat thought it strange.

Feet up with Xylo

I need to head out to the forest again next week, but this time I will tape up my knee and ankle before traipsing around.

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