All prepped for the post-National Day Mangrove Cleanup

I’ve completed the checklist for the post-National Day Mangrove Cleanup. The archive of the previous year’s list on Google Docs helped.

FTTAs Amanda and Weiting passed me the Gigaphones, and my mangrove horseshoe crab student Germaine helped me cobble together items from the museum’s stores. That left just 100 trash bags and 30 pairs of gloves which was solved by some last-minute shopping just before the NDP2013 parade started.

All prepped for post-National Day mangrove cleanup


  1. Confirm the 40-seater bus
  2. Canvas sheet for bags
  3. Additional water for emergencies.
  4. First Aid Kits (check contents and supplement if needed)
  5. Trash bags x 200 – suitable thickness!! (buy if needed)
  6. Gloves x 50 pairs
  7. Weighing scales x 5, oiled
  8. Clipboard with paper x 5
  9. Gigaphone (check battery)

I will miss my buddy Jennifer Kee, who is unable to join me this year.

Photo by Kenneth Pinto, 06 Aug 2011

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