Help for a battling survivor, Kranji East mangrove

I like Kranji East mangrove. It is a surviving strip of mangrove on the eastern edge of the river mouth of the Kranji River, now a reservoir. It is nestled behind some industries and accessible by bus!

The mangrove and its denizens have battled reductions, pollution, dumping, ghost nets and a variety of other indignities man has seen fit to do.

Yet it persists.

We want to lend this embattled mangrove a hand. It does provides seeds which would opportunistically colonise suitable areas in the straits. Any opportunity for regrowth is embraced, and every strip a potential habitat.

Every fragment of mangrove is precious. How can we ignore this habitat?

So I am headed out there on Sat 21 Sep 2013 with a merry band from these groups:

  1. “Independents”
  2. FMC Technologies Singapore
  3. North Vista Secondary ODAC
  4. Jurong Secondary School
  5. NUS Biodiversity Crew
  6. Raffles Museum Toddycats

Once again, as in 2011, Central Granite Industries has granted us access through their property to make movement in and out of the site much easier for us. How nice of them!

We will begin work at 8.00am and the cleanup data collection should be over by 9.30am. Then its time to move things out! That is going to be tough and will take a couple of hours. So it’s all hands on deck – Join us?

kranji east mangrove - Google Maps

The mangrove tree line

Northern shore looks up to Sungei Sekudai and Gunung Pulai

Southern shore down to the Kranji jetty

Rescuing horseshoe crabs during a recce on 12 May 2013

Trash dumped at the landward side


Thanks to photos from Kenneth Pinto and Adriane Lee


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