Some of my research students blog

Some of my research students decided to blog about their projects.

  1. Germaine Leng, who is studying the diet of the mangrove horseshoe crab (Carcinoscorpius rotundicauda) at Mandai Kechil blogs at The Living Fossil.
  2. Nurliyana Omar is extracting stories from the autoecology of fish-tail palms (Caryota mitis) for her UROPS project at Caryota Confessionals.
  3. Iris Ng who is studying the ecology of Sundasciurus tenuis blogs at the The Other Squirrel – Slender Squirrels.

thelivingfossil | Reflections on my journey with the ancient Horseshoe Crabs

The Other Squirrel - Slender Squirrels

Caryota Confessionals | Personal reflections on my journey in the autecological research of Caryota mitis, the Burmese fishtail palm.


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