The ambulatory student is not cursorial

When we design practicals, we have to add time for the speed of movement into position. The undergraduate student will take much more time to cover the same distances we would have during the recce of the same area.

This relative speed is a characteristic of undergrads for more than two decades., so we don’t fight it but have adapted to it.

The alternative is to sound like we used to in the army. There are many concise statements for increasing efficiency and they still come to mind. I am fascinated by how apt they are; I realise they were concise and effective in stimulating the mind. But that was for another time and place.

If we remember to explain why, they will move faster. We often forget, and then it is fun seeing the younger TAs especially, who are full of fire, roll their eyes as they watch their students string out in a long line behind them. It’s a tradition.

And maybe they are teaching us something.

2013-10-18 15.01.59 Changi Beach LSM1103

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