Call of the Red Jungle Fowl this morning – in the Kent Ridge forest at NUS!

A few days ago David Tan shared this photo from a friend of a friend somewhere on NUS Campus on 19 Sep 2013. It shows a male and female red jungle fowl (Gallus gallus).

Red Jungle Fowl on NUS Campus, author unknown, received 22 Oct 2013

We are awaiting the record submission to credit the observer.

The Red Jungle Fowl was not present on campus in 2010 when Amanda Tan, then a UROPS student, was mapping their distribution in Singapore. the number of sites in which the Red ingle Fowl have been observed in Singapore has steady increased since.

In 2012, when David Tan prepared “The Bird of NUS” webpage, there was only one report of the Red Jungle Fowl on campus in 2012, on the ridge near Central Library.

Red Junglefowl | The Birds of NUS

Well, this morning (25 Oct 2013, I was meeting a student and we heard a rooster was calling in the Kent Ridge forest next to the Department of Biological Sciences at S2, at least continuously between 8.30am and 10.00am.

I scrambled up the S1 roof briefly to record the call:

It was very close but I had to go prepare for a practical and had to leave.

Meanwhile, at about the same time (just before 10.00am), Ivan Kwan was on the other side of the ridge near the Office of Campus Security. He reported hearing the call of the red jungle fowl too. Perhaps these two were responding to each other.

How nice! I hope I can look forward to hearing them crow in the mornings from now on. it’ll be fun for students to learn the storystory of the Red Jungle Fowl.

If you see or hear the bird, please submit your record to Habitatnews here:, thanks!

Department of Biological Sciences, National University of Singapore - Google Maps
Call of the Red Jungle Fowl in NUS

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