Feeling hopeful about cycling in Singapore

Ten years ago, I blogged my thoughts about cycling in Singapore. There issues and small, hopeful signs of change.

In the past few years, I have seen the momentum on this issue build, and quite suddenly too.

Yesterday, I went to the 10-year old Cycling in Singapore blog to make a feeble stab at updating it with recent news. Instead I wrote a hopeful piece, “Cycling in Singapore is evolving, so expect joy and expect growing pains!

More than a decade of waiting has been frustrating of course, but we would have our fellow citizens to experience the joy of cycling and the relief from dense urban living. Of course the latter is partly why we are seeing this change.

I am certainly thankful for what is going on now.

It is still too dangerous to advocate cycling to NUS for newbies, but some alternatives are emerging. I can see safe routes gradually being integrated into our infrastructure. Yes it’ll be a long wait but shorter than what I as prepared for.

Or as another cycling advocate put it, in my lifetime please!

A lot of research has gone into city cycling over the decades which has become increasingly relevant as we crowd into cities all over the planet. The research has been illuminating and a book which summarises many ideas is “City Cycling,” edited by John Pucher & Ralph Buehler. MIT Press, Oct 2012 [Amazon link].

City Cycling book

We need to read more books like this, experience places which have implemented ideas in order to ride on the strengths of ideas, observations and techniques.

Thanks to Chu Wa for introducing this to me!


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