Managing NUS emails with GMail and Maliplane

My (16GB) mailbox is almost full?

NUS’ LargeMail provides staff with 16GB of space, how excellent is that? Thus when I began to received these messages below last year, and during the intense Semester I period of little sleep, I was perplexed!

Your mailbox is almost full.- Enterprise Vault Archived Item

It turns out that in reality, we only really have a Primary Mailbox size of 250Mb. The remaining 15.75 GB is in a secondary mailbox in Enterprise Vault!

I began receiving these messages once I exceeded 70% of the primary mailbox size, i.e. 170MB. That can just a be a few days worth mail during a period when I am actively exchanging pdfs and images. I also store lots of old emails for student issues or recommendations when I might need to retrieve emails going back a few years quickly.

On a PC, I think the integration of the Enterprise Vault client with the secondary mailbox is seamless. However for Mac users, it is quite another matter. Enterprise Vault is incompatible with Apple Mail and Microsoft Outlook for Mac – and I say this after trying a few things.

After exchanging an email or two with NUS Computer Centre, I realised the problem was not going to be solved.

Mailbox full, send mail blocked – Gmail to the rescue!

In August before my killer semester began, and now armed with a faster Mac Book Pro, I gave a it a last shot – I desperately moved some 20,000 emails out of Inbox folders.

Still no joy, and when I exceeded the 250MB limit, my mail was not being sent out! There was some confusion as to whether colleagues were getting responses for various issues. That was terrible.

Get started with IMAP and POP3 - Gmail Help

So I did what I should have done all along – I opened a Gmail account and POP-ed my exchange inbox. In fact, NUS Computer Centre has instructions for this! They really should suggest this early to Mac users suffering full exchange inboxes.

Problem solved. No more worries about large attachments either. People receiving mails from me still see my NUS exchange email address. And I have the more efficient google search for old emails. How wonderful!

Managing multiple Gmails accounts with Mailplane

I keep my NUS exchange account isolated from all other activities to prevent burying critical admin queries and student questions. So when I popped my NUS exchange emails, it was from a new Gmail account. The default space in a new Gmail account is 15GB, which is excellent!

My primary Gmail account is a much busier space, for it is where I handle my emails for volunteers, public education and conservation matters. For this account, I purchased an additional 20GB for US$5/year, so it is a 35GB account.

I also have separate accounts for International Coastal Cleanup Singapore, Raffles Museum Toddycats and short term projects such as workshops and festivals.

Gmail - N Sivasothi

To manage them all, I have been using Mailplane since 2007, which allows me to open simultaneous multiple windows for inboxes and calendars.

The result? Sanity and efficiency.

Next I need to suggest some of these solutions to my students!


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