Tay Kheng Soon shares his thoughts with SIF’s Singapore magazine

“Designing for resilience,” by Kim Lee. Interview with Tay Kheng Soon. Singapore, Oct-Dec 2013. Read the article on the SIF webpage.

“Even as I acknowledge Singapore’s great administrative achievements, I regret the lack of internalised values. The streets are clean not because people take it upon themselves not to throw rubbish, but through punishments and employment of cheap labour to pick up the mess Singaporeans leave everywhere.

For self pride and identity to form, there must be belief in the goodness of people. This is a sea change from the dim view of human nature that underpins the rules, regulations, incentives and disincentives that make up everyday reality. Where to start? I suggest through the establishment of community-based enterprises and a new type of live-in schools.”


This article appeared in Today on 21 Oct 2013.


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