Keynote 6 & iCloud beta – collaboration with a pc user is such joy

Amidst the mad rush of exam preparation, I needed to send the Practical Exam Briefing slides to Full-Time TA Amanda Tan. She uses a PC at work and I would usually export my presentation to Powerpoint and be resigned that I could no longer work with Keynote during a collaboration.

I am now using Keynote 6 and I recalled the claim of iCloud collaboration with pc users! That was exciting to hear and I wanted to see how easy it was in reality.

Screenshot 2013-11-06 22.05.27

So I looked for “share” in Keynote 6 and emailed Amanda the iCloud link, which she opened on her desktop pc browser. She could edit the slides! So it was true – conversion to Powerpoint was no longer required. The iCloud version she was viewing could be edited on her pc browser.

LSM1103 Prac Exam ATHN iCloud Screenshot

She got to work to prepare for the briefing she was to conduct the next day. She kept it simple with the standard plain black background and there were no problems inserting images.

A day later and an hour into my lecture, the students were enjoying a five minute break to recover. I LINE-d Amanda for the slides which she had edited and she sent me the link for that iCloud version.

At 5.30pm, I was done and she was ready.

LSM1103 Prac Exam ATHN-LINE

I pulled the browser tab the link had opened on my desktop screen over to the presenter’s window being projected in the LT. We selected full screen mode and then discovered the remote control presentation pointer worked – click and it was advancing slides!

All systems go!

2013-11-05 17.33.04

I had just two grouses – we could not use the strong and clear Blackboard theme which I like using for announcements. It seems it is no longer a default offering.

Secondly the original Keynote 6 file on my desktop would no longer open. It declared a newer version of Keynote was necessary! Since the updated version was on iCloud, I simply downloaded that, and all was well once again.

Problems are to be expected with a beta. And Apple’s previous attempts at cloud integration have not been impressive. So Keynote 6’s simple, practical capability to work with a pc user is such joy.

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