Singapore Red Cross’ public appeal for Typhoon Haiyan Relief – “a mega-disaster”

The Singapore Red Cross (SRC) has launched a public fundraising appeal for Typhoon Haiyan relief efforts.

“Reports coming in from many of the affected areas and from various sources indicate that Typhoon Haiyan’s impact on the Philippines has been dramatic.

As the overall picture starts to emerge, it is evident that this is a mega-disaster which has had a devastating impact on the population especially in coastal areas in Leyte but also in northern parts of Cebu, Iloilo and Palawan,” opined Mr Lim Theam Poh, Deputy Secretary General of the Singapore Red Cross.

This reminds me of Dec 2004.

Amongst the services they are enabling are:

  • “Restoring Family Links” (to find a family member) – call the Singapore Red Cross at its hotlines 6664 0501/6664 0502 with details of your missing family member for tracing.
  • Opening hours at SRC extended to receive donations to 9am–7pm (Mon-Fri) 9am–12pm (Sat-Sun)
  • You can post your cheque made out to ‘Singapore Red Cross Society’ to 15 Penang Lane Singapore 238486; please indicate ‘Red Cross Haiyan Relief’ on the back of the cheque, along with your name, contact no. and address.
  • The Singapore Government is kickstarting the public appeal with its donations of $200,000. As with other relief efforts, in-kind donations of food, clothes, etc are not accepted due to logistical considerations.
  • SRC welcomes volunteers to man its hotlines and fund collection booths. Please register with the volunteer team at 6664 0500.

More details at the SRC press release.

SRC Typhoon Haiyan relief

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