Ottergirl heads to Bangalore!

The Asian Otter Conservation Meet will take place at the National Centre for Biological Sciences, Bangalore, India 25-29 November, 2013. This will be mainly a “Workshop on Research Methods & Conservation Planning” and a great chance to see otter sites in Bangalore with field workers.

Some of old otter friends of mine whom I first wrote to and met in the 1990’s will be there. They will be interested to hear about the situation in Singapore and we have some questions for them.

I will be busy with undergraduate exams and marking hundreds of exam scripts and essays, so I shall send them greetings. Thankfully Ottergirl Mery Theng was able to get time off work to go. She will make a short oral presentation, share status updates, our use of web tools and public education efforts.

She will some back with lots of photos from the field trip and will update Raffles Museum Toddycats during one of our evening meetings.


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