Mammal crew guiding Sunburst students at Bukit Timah this afternoon

My mammal crew of Marcus Chua, Fung Tze Kwan and Chloe Tan were guiding Southeast Asian students from the STEP Sunburst science (sustainable environments) camp 2013 at Bukit Timah Nature Reserve today.

These three youth researchers also support the Love MacRitchie programme. Their forest experience comes from studying leopard cats, the common palm civet and small mammals. The wider public will get to hear them speak at an Evening of Biodiversity seminar early next year. I am looking forward to that!

My gig with Sunburst students is on at 10.30am tomorrow at RELC, so I am furiously battling drowsiness and deadlines today. Lecture slides I will prepare early tomorrow morning, I guess. With feedback from my crew, I can adjust the content and delivery method which will be nice.

[“130 students from Asia groomed to champion environmental issues,” by Monica Kotwani. Channel NewsAsia, 18 Nov 2013.]

20131119 MCAH guiding Sunburst

20131119 CHloeTan guiding Sunburst

20131119 FTK guiding Sunburst

Photos by Joelle Lai via Toddycats LINE.

Yes, I know, unfortunate coloured t-shirt for an environment outing to the forest.


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