Congrats to Full-Time TAs Xu Weiting and Amanda Tan who receive their Faculty Teaching Awards today!

These two Full-Time Teaching Assistants (FTTAs) keep several large modules in Life Sciences functioning – LSM1103 Biodiversity, LSM2251 Ecology and the Environment & LSM3261 Life Form and Function.

They are involved in field site recces, recruitment and training of Part-Time TAs, logistics coordination for classes, design of lab and field classes, risk assessment and field safety (they are both first-aid certified), early detection and resolution of student problems, counselling errant students (they are even more fierce than I am), documenting new procedures, invigilating students exams and keeping us all coordinated.

2013 11 22 14 08 FTTAs

That’s not all of it, of course. Then there is working with me on the modules, which is probably an experience their honours year prepared them. Through it all, they maintain a cheerful disposition, especially amidst the pressurising times, like right now!

Their predecessors are Jeremy Woon, Jose Christopher Mendoza and Erica Sena Neves.

Some things in life are indeed priceless.


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