Neil Humphrey’s “Secrets of the Swamp” heads to Bangalore with Ottergirl tonight!

With Ottergirl heading to Bangalore for the Asian Otter Meeting, I had to think of something to pass to my otter friends from the IUCN/SSC Otter Specialist Group who will be there.

Thankfully Neil made that easy when he tweeted recently about his new children’s book, Secrets of the Swamp, published with NParks and by Marshall Cavendish.

@NeilHumphreys says, “and I’ve included Otters in Secrets of the Swamp as my personal dedication to Singapore hero @sivasothi @nparksbuzz”

Otters in the book! Since I was busy with marking, it was Ottergirl who made her way to Kinokuniya to buy copies to bring to our final meeting to work on the Singapore presentation.

@sivasothi says, “Ottergirl @uberhyped at Kinokuniya Orchard buying 10 copies of @NeilHumphreys “Secrets of the Swamp” for me right now.”

@NeilHumphreys says, “@sivasothi @uberhyped blimey! will there be any left? Hope you’ll be around after 4pm for me to sign them!

Meryl could not wait for Neil’s appearance at Kinokuniya, so we signed the nine copies we were giving away at the Asian Otter Meeting at Bangalore.

2013-11-23 15.43 - Secrets of the swamp

2013-11-23 15.44 Meryl Theng

The Otter Specialist Group has long since emphasised a need for pubic education and they will be delighted at Neil’s contribution in Singapore. The book retails for S$16. The book includes a pull out map which highlights the nature reserves, coastal parks and the botanic gardens.

No worries about missing Neil, though, he had PLENTY of company for his launch!

@NeilHumphreys at  launch of “Secrets of the Swamp”
Thanks to Neil for sending me the photo!

Ottergirl was equipped with a waterproof camera, a travel adaptor and a heavy-duty external battery for her iPhone before she left to pack. She’ll be at the airport tonight and soon heading over the Indian Ocean. She is definitely going to have a great time at her first otter meeting.

Wish I could join her but I must mark exam papers!

For the motivation behind the “Secrets of the Swamp” book, watch the video!


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