Discovering MacRitchie forest with Raffles Museum Toddycats

Raffles Museum Toddycats guided NUS staff and students for walks at MacRitchie in October and November this year. The series of three walks are just the first by our youthful Toddycats with some back up from older guides.

Lovely encounter with a colugo at Venus Loop. Photo by Henrietta Woo.

It has been wonderful to see this happen about after preliminary walks, resource consolidation on Google Docs and a session to identify objectives, site selection, training methods and scheduling with Adrian Loo, Marcus Chua, Joelle Lai, Benjamin Lee, Henrietta Woo, Lim Cheng Puay and project manager Chloe Tan in September.

The whiteboards scribbling was an attempt to identify a top 20 list for flora and fauna and I had the three “boys” scribble away (there was some talk at the meeting about feeling old). This evolved into themed stations spaced out along a two hour walk. An excellent approach!

2013 09 17 20 48 31

2013 09 17 20 48 37

2013 09 17 20 48 42

Participants were quite privileged as the groups have been kept small and the ratio of guides are very high. This does remind me of The Habitat Group in the 90’s, out of which the Raffles Museum Toddycats has evolved.

I look forward to their programme after the monsoon and hope you are lucky enough to walk the forest with them!

For posts about the Toddycats at MacRitchie walks, see the blog and the Love MacRitchie page.

A few photos from Adrian Loo:

20130917 LoveMacRitchie discussion AdrianLoo 01

20130917 LoveMacRitchie discussion AdrianLoo 03

20130917 LoveMacRitchie discussion AdrianLoo 05


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