Lights camera action! Gear prepped for The Challenge at OCBC Cycle Malaysia 2014

The gear assembled for OCBC Cycle Malaysia’s The Challenge includes three front lights, just in case it’s as dark as it was last year up the hill. Our bright NiteRider lights had other cyclists thanking us with good reason! We start a little later this year, I think, flagging off at 6.30am, so it will be brighter. Still, better safe than sorry. I know Kevin will have great lights too.

The first aid kit occupies a sizeable portion of my Camelpak, and although there will be professional medical services along the route, it’s a habit to pack this in now. We’ve tended to casualties enough times amongst fellow cyclists and pedestrians when we least expected to.

Water is not as critical as it will be later in the year when it gets really hot. The rides are all over by 10am before it gets hot, for the roads must be reopened. I might use half the 3L I am carrying but carry it I will. I need to be used to that load in preparation for the NTU Bike Rally. And water is always useful for washing down grimy wounds.

Clear glasses will give way to sunglasses when the sun dazzles. Keeping dust out of my eyes is useful, especially for the rare near-collision! Mass rides can get dicey at times as you ride amidst a wide range of cycling ability! It’s one reason the adrenalin will be pumping. The other reasons include defiant pedestrians who will run the gauntlet despite or perhaps because of road control. The other encouragement for pumping blood includes potholes, one of which appeared in a very wet portion of a street in the early morning hours of last year’s ride!

The rest of the kit include the usuals – except for a missing spare inner tube (26″ x 1.25″). Not at the expo here in KL too They are apparently uncommon these days, with many roadies departing en mass for tubeless tyres.

I have three strips of KT tape, for my left ankle, which took a beating on the most innocuous of corridors in NUS. It acted up today and I’m hoping some rest and elevation will help, if not tape will.



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