How many Toddycats does it take to setup a projector? (Toddycats HOWL)

We’re holding tonight’s session of Toddycats HOWL (at the Moon) in the Science Library Seminar Room.

The Toddycats who come include students and staff of NUS, from life sciences and environmental studies, NParks and most excitingly, the odd student from SOTA and JCU. Anyone with a passion for nature and the environment can join!

Today Toddycats will enjoy updates from the Asian Otter meeting at Bangalore by Ottergirl, Project Luwak by Civetgirl, the Love MacRitchie project by Chloe and our 2014 event lineup ahead of us by Joelle.

It’s really important to get together every now and then to chat and exchange notes. I’m encouraged that we’re now on our 8th session! And that’s partly due to Chloe Tan pinning me down for dates!

Howl at the Moon sessions in 2013 with Raffles Museum Toddycats

  1. Tue 26 Feb 2013 (ALR): Introductions (N. Sivasothi & all)
  2. Tue 30 Apr 2013 (LT27): Pulau Ubin Forum (Debby Ng & Chong Jun Hien; Faizah Jamal & Joseph Chun)
  3. Thu 6 Jun 2013 (ALR): Meeting with Toddycats alumni Ong Say Lin, Director ACRES Laos
  4. Wed 17 Jul 2013 (ALR): Social media strategies (N. Sivasothi), Festival of Biodiversity review (Joelle Lai), Student Exchange at Yale University (David Tan) & Volunteering with Philippines Biodiversity Conservation Foundation Inc. (Chloe Tan)
  5. Fri 16 Aug 2013 (ALR): The Love Our MacRitchie Forest campaign (N. Sivasothi); Long-tailed macaques (Amanda Tan) & Love Sharks (Kathy Xu).
  6. Wed 26 Sep 2013 (ALR) – Terrestrial conservation in Singapore, talk with Subaraj Rajathurai & Tony O’Dempsey
  7. Mon 02 Dec 2013 (HV) – Discussion about the URA Master Plan


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