Talking about long-tailed macaques with Sabrina Jabbar at ACRES

I dropped in at the ACRES ( office at Jalan Lekar with two of my students Lai Chui Ting (Hons) and Joys Tan (UROPS) who will begin investigations into aspects of human-macaque conflict in Singapore.

We had a thorough discussion with Sabrina Jabbar from ACRES’ Macaque Response Team. I have been following her Facebook updates which have been very informative, so I had a ready set of questions to tap on her field experience.

After meetings at ACRES, it is always pleasant to hang out in the garden and with the dogs.

Sabrina talked about how Mocha the dog dreams at night, chatting with an imaginary friend. Meanwhile Brownie listening in here is a sweetie-pie who once rescued an abandoned Siberian hamster. He had picked it up in his mouth and laid it down gently at ACRES’ door.

They of course looked after it, like they do, with so many other creatures.


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