Long weekend’s over, animal behaviour presentations beckon

Mr Bats the Cat detects my rousing and awaits breakfast. It’s time to evaluate 40 animal behaviour proposals in preparation for the four-hour session which begins at 10am later.

Students present a three-minute elevator pitch about the wild animal species they propose to study, their research question, study site and method.

We’ll listen and suggest refinements. Everything can change at this point and also when they begin their field work. This initial effort, however, clarifies the mind and enhances their situational awareness.
And from March they present their findings in a symposium. We look forward to being informed.


One thought on “Long weekend’s over, animal behaviour presentations beckon

  1. i remember enjoying this module years and years ago at nus. i took it as a breadth and it made me think that animals would have been the only other thing i would have studied if i wasn’t in the social sciences. little did i know that years later, my studies of human animals would lead me to studying animals too!

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