Six bold rats, see how they run!

I watched, last night. in fascination
But a friend turned ’round in trepidation
With unmitigated glee
Scurrying from tree to tree
Six rats, no less, ‘tout circumspection

Last night, we watched an interesting scene play out in the evening, with friends at the void deck of a block in Holland Close. The grass had been trimmed, and some cleaning had been effected.

The estate does see the usual odd rat or two, but that evening, we counted six in our field of vision. My friend’s wife watched nervously as the rats scurried about with unusual boldness.

This way and that they moved about, stopping and sniffing but not for long. A constant stream of prominent movement which I watched with fascination.

It wasn’t really glee that they conveyed but panic. I wondered of they’d been flushed out of their burrows.

And not a cat on sight, of course. They must’ve all been scared away!