Marcus Chua’s lecture in the Tropical Conservation class

Marcus Chua who completed his MSc last year and set to join the Raffles Museum is guest lecturer at Mingko’s (Mary Rose Posa) LSM4262 Tropical Conservation biology class today.

Being part of the Otterman Holt since his honours year, he is no stranger to communicating his work, and has spoken about mouse deer, leopard cats, biodiversity on Pulau Ubin at private sessions with OBS, NParks, Wildlife Reserves Singapore, URA and NUS.

He has also presented at public sessions through An Evening of Biodiversity (NUS), the Biodiversity Symposium of Singapore (NUS), the Nature Conservation for a Sustainable Singapore (NSS) and the 11th International Mammalogical Congress at Belfast.

This is the first time in class. His numerous engagements with the public through the Raffles Museum Toddycats will have helped prepare him. Hope the class is energetic!

Have fun Marcus!

20140211 marcus chua tropconclass

Photo by Xu Weiting.


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