Bicycle ride checklist for my 10th NTU Bike Rally (round-island ride)

Tomorrow’s my tenth NTU Bike Rally which might see me clock a century ride (160km = 100 miles) by cycling to and from the start/end point at the F1 Pit. It will be my 11th round-island ride and my 10th NTU Bike Rally. So I’m no stranger to long rides and the preparation required – see this preparatory list from a decade ago.

Before a ride, I run through a battered piece of paper on my fridge door – my bicycle ride check list, which ensures a safe and enjoyable ride.

It looks like a long list but it gets sorted out through regular rides, during which maintenance and supplies will be sorted out with some shopping at our regular bicycle shops. Lights in particular keep improving.

The first aid kit requires attention of its own but I have to tend to that for field trips so that get sorted out too.

I’ll be riding with my Zendogs buddies Kevin and Kenneth so we’ll be in contact for emergencies. We’ve helped fellow cyclists in the past and while we hope no one will gets into trouble, we’ll be ready.

Now, if that haze will just peter out.


  • Front lights (2): USB and battery powered, charged, working and clear of debris.
  • Rear lights (2): USB and battery powered, charged, working and clear of debris.
  • iPhone w/Runkeeper in Biologic casing, mounted.
  • Water bottle, 0.8L, in cage, filled.
  • Cables, gears and chain: clean, oiled, tension adequate.
  • Brake pads clean and functioning.
  • Wheels: tyres inflated, rims clean, no oil, balanced.
  • Saddle, correct one for ride, aligned, tightened.


  • 10,800 mAh powerbank
  • Sunblock.
  • Salonpas muscle rub.
  • Panadol extra.


  • Spare inner tube, powdered, in ziploc
  • Topeak multi-tool.
  • SOG tool
  • Patch kit & Tyre levers.
  • Saddle cover.
  • AAA & AA batteries, new.


  • Helmet, no cracks, no strap entanglement.
  • Helmet rear light working, bright enough.
  • Halo headband and head cap.
  • Clear glasses: washed and antifog applied (early morning).
  • Jersey with cash and cards in rear pockets.
  • Arm-coolers.
  • Gloves & Watch.
  • Shorts with keys in zipped pocket.
  • Reflective ankle bands.
  • Socks and shoes (w/clip-on for Norco).

Camelpak bag

  • Camelpak 3L.
  • First aid kit: recheck and update.
  • Sun glasses in protective case (late morning)
  • Totobobo mask.
  • Crank Brothers pump.
  • Isotonic tablets
  • Power gels
  • Salonpas muscle rub
  • Civet poop ziplock bags and glove
  • Carcass trashbag
  • Cable ties.
  • External rear light, battery powered.
Kevin Lim - ZenDogs 1st Ride for 2014
Photo by Kevin Lim, 11 Jan 2014

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