ICCS2014 announced!

In what was the last stretch of a long process, I prepared the announcement for registration by Organisers for the 2014 International Coastal Cleanup Singapore this afternoon.

I updated various pages and notes on GDocs, the ICCS server, blog, webpage and mailing list. Short on sleep, I had to check not to mistakes and Waverly Aw show as waiting for her appointment to begin, kept a careful eye on my work to ensure accuracy.

ICCS2014 tweet

Once I was sure all was well, the notice went up on the ICCS blog, which tweeted the news to the ICCS twitter account which I retweeted on my personal account. then I posted notice at the ICCS Facebook account and my own. Finally I emailed the 2013 Organisers and the ICCS mailing list.

A few emails to Organisers who had queried me in the past month and I was done! And I had a whole hour before my first meeting with the ICCS Otters, the Zone Captains who coordinate the ICCS.