Meeting the new ICCS Zone Captains

Instead of Site Allocation Exercise on a Friday night, an introduction about the programme was called for as we were meeting several new volunteers. Understanding objectives and motivation is important for when it gets tough later.

It was heartening to meet the new volunteers, and to reflect on the long years of service all the ICCS Otters have put in over the years. I remember when it was Kate Thome and a few NSS folk running operations and collating data cards in the 90’s.

Interestingly, we are a bunch of mostly science and engineering people.

After confirming a few names in the list below, manpower operations will be settled. Then it’s time for site visits before the Site Allocation Exercises begin at the end of next month.

Wish Ocean Conservancy’s Sonya Besteiro could join us at one of our meetings!

20140322 ICCS Zone Captains briefing
Photos by Teo Kah Ming

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