Captain Planet coordinates the Leaf Monkey Workshop

As a child, November Tan was influenced by Captain Planet. And she wanted to be just like him! As an undergraduate, she saw the Toddycats’ “Do you have a passion for nature and the environment” poster and joined us to contribute to various programmes. Her strong interest in environmental sensitivity, had her try to get a conversation going with Toddycats in 2005:

Raffles Museum news

And she is still at it – this time as founder and coordinator of The Leaf Monkey Workshop since 2007. She and her team just conducted a lovely workshop on marine trash with ICCS Otters which you can read about here. Congratulations to November, Kah Ming, Ria and Bo Kai for providing a unique and lovely workshop experience, everyone!

The Leafmonkey Workshop: Trash Talking: Marine Trash and Us

See also: “Pedal Ubin guide is one of four Bayer Young Environmental Envoys,” by N. Sivasothi. Raffles Museum News, 14 Sep 2004.


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