Why is Debby sterilising Himalayn mutts?

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Himalayan Mutt Project by Debby Ng


Zctivist Debby Ng visited the the Himalayas in 2013 and learnt of a problem: dogs were uncared for, killing wildlife and affecting the livelihood of people in the Annapurna Conservation Area.


“Ground-foraging birds like Kalij pheasant, Blood pheasants, Snow pigeons and Snowcocks, as well as mammals like red panda, blue sheep, musk deer, foxes and jackal are being chased, attacked, and sometimes killed by populations of unmanaged stray dogs within the national park.

Villagers estimate almost all the free-roaming dogs are uncared for and thus venture into the forests to find food. Desperate villagers protecting livestock are poisoning dogs and may also kill wild canids like foxes and jackal. Carcasses are fed on by wild vultures, further impacting the ecosystem.

This project aims to sterilise vaccinate dogs against rabies and canine distemper. The Capture, Neuter, Vaccinate and Release (CNVR) in May targets for 200 dogs. If successful, they aim to replicate the program in other remote areas of Nepal. Beyond sterilisation, the programme aims to empower rural communities to manage community dog populations to protect their livelihood and their wild environment.

The Himalayan Mutt Project is collaborating with the Himalayan Animal Rescue Trust (HART) which has already successfully implemented and maintained a CNVR project for three years. This funding supports medicine and veterinary supplies, travel, food, and accommodation for a core 10-person team of 1 team leader, 2 veterinary surgeons, 2 vet assistants, 5 animal handlers (catching, handling, pre-medication). We can send them into a remote area which has kept animal welfare organizations out of reach of these communities all this while.”