Meetings in the pantry as deadlines loom

Undergraduate student deadlines for thesis submission are next week – UROPS on Monday and Honours on Thursday. In the final stage of the write up, I still begin meetings with “what is your question?” It is a very useful way to keep us orientated as we delve into results.

Liyana Omar (UROPS), distribution and fruit availability of the fish-tail palm (Caryota mitis) on Pulau Ubin. I am struck by the fruit resource this plant provides. Submission deadline: Monday.

2014 03 26 18 33 20

2014 03 31 08 41 37

2014 04 02 17 48 34

Joys Tan (UROPS), the status of human-macaque (Macaca fascicularis) interactions at Woodlands Waterfront. Macaque activity is in a peripheral area of the park and most visitors are active in the core. Submission deadline: Monday. Hwang Wei Song, her examiner walked into the pantry and got a quick briefing; she didn’t realise who he was.

2014 04 03 12 55 10

Germaine Leng, diet of the mangrove horseshoe crab (Carcinoscopius rotundicauda) at Sungei Mandai Kechil. I took a power nap in the middle of this session. We examined feeding guilds of the benthic environment, and read a lot of worm papers in response to a remark by her examiner, JC Mendoza during the poster.

2014 04 03 12 55 36

Lai Chui Ting (Hons, due Sem 1), status of human-macaque interactions at MacRitchie Reservoir. The pantry light goes off at 6.24pm (shrug). It seems there are just the three groups of monkeys at the south-eastern corner of MacRitchie, the Lornie group seems to be the ones ranging to the cafe and bus stop.

2014 04 03 20 25 59

Otterman Holt seniors: Amanda Tan, Chloe Tan (small mammals); Marcus Chua (leopard cat); Meryl Theng (otter); Fung Tze Kwan & Xu Weiting (civets) prepare for the Evening of Biodiversity. This was conducted in Conference Room II. We have a sequence for the talk on the evening of Wed 16 Apr 2014. Now to flesh it up and advertise the talk.

2014 04 03 23 03 14 HDR

2014 04 03 22 59 05

Hmmm, where is Iris Ng (Hons), autecology of the slender squirrel in Singapore? Last heard identifying points of tri-species sympatry in our forests.


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