Evening of Biodiversity Poster – Yong An Nee to the rescue!

An Nee has designed all our department posters for years now. What few may realise is she did her honours with the Department of Zoology and worked on ectoparasites of small mamals from Bukti TImah Nature Reserve under the supervision of Mr Nad! So my small mammals students reference her work in their projects

She has a classmate who did similar work and we must dig that up that honours thesis too. The baseline data is invaluable and after we pdf the theses, it will all go to the NParks database. When we work on rehabilitating forest patches, we have a better idea of targets to reach for.

For now though, we were chatting about the copy editing to get this out in time for physical distribution to science-based institutes on the department’s mailing list.

Remember, details are up on Habitatnews and register here if you can join us on Wed 16 Apr 2014: 6.30pm – 8.30pm!


2 thoughts on “Evening of Biodiversity Poster – Yong An Nee to the rescue!

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