Office agog about ethernet drag

They do have a point; this is what I see from Speedtest today:

Just the other week, I reported blazing speeds:

We’ve called about the hiccup and ComCen is usually quick to respond.
Once they figure out where we are!

The desktop pc users need their connection restored to do work but a laptop user like myself can tether my MacBook Pro via an iPhone. It’s useful when managing events and sharing manuscripts with students – right now I am clearing honours thesis, editing minutes for the Biodiversity Roundtable, converting lecture slides to white background before uploading to the IVLE module page and writingwriting emails to settle the Evening of Biodiversity.

If the connection fails me, I go home!

Update: minutes after posting, my network speed was back up but the rest were groaning at 1mbps.


One thought on “Office agog about ethernet drag

  1. A negative six hundred percentage decrease in network performance is embarrassingly shameful. Someone should have a word with the network provider.

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