Plastering posters around campus and the fight to be heard!

Suzanne Ou the ICCS Intern is lending the Evening of Biodiversity a hand and plastering An Nee’s poster on notice boards around campus.

In the process she is learning about circulation, traffic, the campus layout and the fight for space. Later, we’ll see that while this might not be an exercise to reach the masses but it will reach the rare individual to whom this will be just what the doctor ordered!

We would usually do this three weeks in advance but its been a tough month and I am glad we are going ahead.

Remember, details are up on Habitatnews and register here if you can join us on Wed 16 Apr 2014: 6.30pm – 8.30pm!

20140410 eveBioD noticeboard

20140410 eveBioD noticeboard02

20140410 eveBioD noticeboard03

20140409-EOB II poster for Habitatnews

Where Suzanne put up posters today
NUS notice boards for posters


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